Commission Pricing

Colored Pencil

5x7      $200.00

8x10    $350.00

11x14  $650.00


Graphite/Carbon Pencil

8x10    $150.00

11x14  $250.00


Ink & Wash

5x7      $150.00

8x10    $300.00


*prices vary per agreement on signed contract 


Step 1 ...Selecting a photograph:

Choosing Reference Photos:  The accuracy of your finished portrait is dependent solely on the quality of your reference photo.  If I can't see it, I can't draw it.


Digital photos are the best for me to work from.   You can send them to me by email or put them on a CD and drop them into the mail box.


Your digital references can be e-mailed if the image is not "downsized" in the process...if this is an issue, your photos should be copied to a CD and sent by regular mail.  Take your photos in color, do not crop, and do not convert to black and white.

traditional paper photos can be scanned at 300dpi or greater and emailed...or of course, photo copied and sent by regular mail.  Do not send your "Treasured one of a kind family photographs."  All reference materials will be returned with your commissioned drawing.


Step 2 ...Consultation:

Once you have selected a group of  reference photos, contact me and we can discuss the basic parameters of the drawing.  Once we have agreed on the basic vision for the drawing I will give you an estimate for the commission.

Having established the basic idea for the portrait I will develop a final composition for the drawing.  Once I am happy with the composition, I will email you a black and white photo showing what I will be drawing along with a contract.  The contract will contain the specifications we discussed, copies of the reference photos to be used, a guaranteed price quote for your portrait and an expected completion date.


Step 3 ...Confirm your order with a deposit:

Upon approval of the photo reference and compositional will need to sign and return my copy of the contract along with your 50% down payment (non refundable).  You can send a personal check with your signed contract.

After your down payment has cleared and the contract is signed your Portrait Commission will be included on my work schedule and you will be given an estimated completion date. 


Step 4 ...Work in progress preview:

You will be notified when I begin the drawing.  There are a  variety of ways through which we can stay in touch.  A common choice is to provide a link to my blog where you can view updates...allowing you to see regularly how your commissioned piece is developing.  You are encouraged to provide feedback at each stage of the drawing process. 



Step 5 ...Final payment and delivery:


I will photograph the finished portrait and place it on my blog for your final approval...or if you desire a more private approval process I can email a copy to you.  I will not ship your  Commissioned Portrait without your expressed permission, at which time any balance due must be paid in full.


  * prices include all supplies and finished matted artwork with one subject and no background, no frame.

**Shipping not included